ACT 3 discussion

To try and revive this forum, I would like to discuss peoples opinions on the next skins, agent, and map.

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Link for anyone who missed it:

IMO it looks nice and exited for the new map

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The new map, looks to have lots of high-ground opportunities for Omen & Jett players… speaking of which, I’m glad Jett aged well, as I’ve always known she would become top tier*
And it seems it might be a 3 point map? or a 2 point with a very obscure mid.

The agent looks sick, and her abilities all being team-supported, makes me very interested to see how she’ll fit into the meta.

And the skins… the skins are gorgeous and i’m hype for this act and their newest releases, as the bar is now high.

*(Best VALORANT Agents - Tier List, was talking about Jett going to be in the meta later and that I would stick to her, as I did…)

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The skins look pretty good, but still expensive imo :smiley:

New agent abilities published:

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