Agent concept

I don’t have a name yet, but the main idea is that they’re a shadowy, rune based anti-hero. They harness a shadowy realm with their runes and create portals for various purposes.

Signature ability:echo(can use only once and 45 second recharge)
EQUIP a miniature portal. While you hold it, it records up to 5 seconds of audio from the noise around you. FIRE to launch a hidden rune that will play the audio back at the location it lands on. RESET to record up to 5 seconds of new audio.

(visually, he presses a rune on each sleeve before pulling a portal open to listen. Any noises can be loaded up in there, including voicelines, and it does not reset upon putting it away.)

Q: (can have up to 2, 200 cost) EQUIP a blinding rune. FIRE to place the rune at the targeted location. ACTIVATE to quickly flash that location. If it flashes anyone, you will get a noise notification.

(visually, the rune appears, then a portal appears and a flash comes out of it)

C: (can have up to 2, 350 cost)EQUIP a detection rune. Fire to place the rune at the targeted location. Whenever it sees a player, it will connect to them with a beam of shadow, and preserve that beam through anything. This can hit multiple players. 5 seconds after seeing a player, it will destroy itself

(visually it’s a white, weird symbol, and the beams are thin dark lines, similar to reyna’s heal. It doesn’t give any indication to where it is, to either team, and it only shows visually, no audio or other notifications)

Ultimate: shadow realm.(8 charge)

INSTANTLY lock you and the nearest player in the shadow realm. While in the shadow realm, you can’t see nor deal damage to any other players, and other players cant see nor deal damage to you. When one of you kills the other, they reappear at the same place that they left, indicated by a circle of runes that can only be seen by their team. This will also end after 20 seconds, teleporting both players back to their runes.

(visually, runes surround you and everything goes more grayscale. This agent appears completely dark inside it, and the opponent appears completely bright.)