Best keyboard for VALORANT?

Ok, so we had the Best mouse for VALORANT? discussion, but I am looking to try out a new gaming keyboard. My current is an old Xtrfy.

Any recommendations?

Been looking at the Ducky Mecha Mini 2020, since I want a 60% TKL keyboard.


I really want a ducky aswell, slightly overpriced but seem to be worth it. If anyone’s ever tried one out what are your opinions on it ? And are they really light :question:

Which one have you considered?

Ducky One 2 mini (I’ll buy nice key caps aswell :laughing:)

With extra key caps it starts to get expensive, but you will also use it a lot. As far as my understanding goes, the Mecha Mini 2020 is almost the same as the One 2 mini, but with few improvements (like aluminium frame).

I have also been looking at Anne Pro 2, but it’s not really available where I live

Oo, if the aluminum makes it heavier I might do some research into it,

I’ve never heard of the Anne but it looks nice haha, they have better prices as well but I think they might be an Asian brand so us eu will have to find a re-seller :stuck_out_tongue:

Ducky is Taiwan as well :slight_smile:

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Yeh I’ve managed to find some EU resellers it took awhile but there’s a subsection on Ducky’s website showing all the companies who have them in stock, unfortunately the companies mostly sell the full scale Ducky keyboards but a few do the minis

I was looking at Ducky KBs, but ended up with a Steelseries Apex Pro… it was on sale… but its really nice, only problem with it, is that its .7mm actuation point can get annoying, but I feel faster, as what I press goes on screen quicker (technically, with no ping).

No complaints.

Apex Pro, isn’t it the one where you can adjust the actuation?

Apex pro looks nice, abit big unless there’s a mini version ?

It is a bit big, and it was my mistake for buying it, but it was 25% off.

I bought it because my Razer Huntsman Broke

And Yes there is a tournament edition for it.

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yes it is, you can adjust the actuation, per key, and for all of them, you also have an OLED display which is a nice touch, but I wish it was partnered with spotify, but since its not i just have an gif playing on it tbh.

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Do you have the full version or TKL?

I don’t think the TKL is much larger than 60%'s

I got the full version, just because that was the one on sale, but I wish i got the TKL

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Well, it’s good having the numpad if you do anything with numbers :smiley:

But a pain when gaming :smiley:

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I have voice effects, sounds, and macro’s on them, so they are useful, but I don’t really do anything with numbers.

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Ordered the Ducky Mecha Mini, will keep you updated :smiley:


hell yeah! hope it works out well

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Get any with buttons and which doesn’t lag. Controller matters a lot in fighting games but in simple arcade FPS such as Valorant, keyboard doesn’t really matter.

In fighting games, like Tekken, for example, the controller matters a lot. And mechanical buttons are better than membrane buttons.

For people who don’t play fighting games: mechanical keyboards(and similar devices such as hitbox) are considered superior to other devices: gamepads and fight sticks by pretty much everyone worth listening to(in Tekken community): intermediate+ online players and players who play tournaments.

But why? Because in fighting games(and in Tekken in particular) there are a lot of so called “just-frame inputs”. What does it mean? It means you have exactly one frame(at 60 FPS) to input something like d/f+2 to get EWGF.

If you miss your just-frame input and don’t input d/f+2 on the exactly same frame, you don’t get EWGF, you get other move that’s much worse - WGF and enemy can do free damage to you.

So in Tekken it’s super important to have more ergonomical device. It’s just one example but there are many examples like this one for many chars.

Keyboard and hitbox are just more ergonomical than gamepads and fight sticks: you have more fingers on buttons at the same time. On the keyboard you can have up to 10 fingers all on different buttons. You can’t achieve that on gamepad, fightstick and most of the time even on hitbox.

And on a 1000 Hz mechanical keyboard or hitbox it’s much easier to do stuff than on some cheap-ass 60-Hz or 80-Hz gamepad or even fight stick.

So, what’s my point? It matters in fight games but not in FPS because we don’t have just-frame inputs in FPS. In Valorant it’s much more important where you are on the map and how you strafe, but inputs themselves don’t have to be nowhere near as precise as in fighting games.

So as long as you have keyboard with working buttons which doesn’t lag, you’re just fine. If you’re into making your PC better, keyboard is the last thing you want to upgrade. Before that you want to get the best mouse, mouse pad and monitor(240 Hz nowadays). Then get the best motherboard, CPU, video card you can. Then overclock the shit out of your PC: overclock your monitor from 240 Hz to as much as you can(the least overclock I know is that you can go from 240 Hz to 270, but I bet on some monitors you can do better than that like 240 > 300 Hz), overclock your mouse to 8000 Hz, overclock your CPU, RAM and video card.
Optimize your game: set all video settings to low.

And other things I don’t remember atm. All of these things will have much bigger impact than from what you’ll get by switching from membrane to mechanical keyboard.

But if you still want to update your keyboard: get a keyboard with Cherry MX Silver switches. They have smaller pretravel and smaller total travel distances. Why does it matter? Imagine you have a mouse with 10mm total travel distance on your switches. Most microswitches on most mouses have total travel distance of ~1mm and pretravel of about ~0.5mm. With smaller pretravel and total travel distances you’re getting more precise control of your inputs.

The specific model you get doesn’t really matter, what matters is the type of switches and polling rate: see if it can work at 1000 Hz polling rate, but even that is not crytical.

PS I’m saying that after making my own keyboard for fighting games from scratch(normal membrane, mechanical keyboard or hitbox wasn’t enough for me for fighting games). If normal membrane keyboard wasn’t enough for FPS, I’d make myself custom keyboard for FPS as well. Can’t post links but google “ergonomical custom keyboard” to get the idea of how you can achieve better ergonomics for video games: have access to more buttons in total without moving your hand, being able to press more buttons at the same time, etc.

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