Best keyboard switches for gaming?


I am looking a lot into mechanical keyboards at the moment and was thinking about building my own keyboard. One important component is obviously what switches to use.

My use case are mostly gaming but it is a plus if they are also nice to type with.

I have had MX cherry red, Mx cherry blue, SteelSeries switches, and some others before. What I am having in mind is MX cherry brown or silver speed switches. I don’t have much experience with other brands than MX cherry, but I am completely open to trying any brand.

What is your opinion? What switches do you use or can recommend, what brands?

I quite honestly don’t know too much about switches, due to me only having used mostly razer kb’s and only now using OmniPoint Switches (which is exclusive to SteelSeries) I don’t know too much about it…
But I do know MX Reds are good, though you’ve tried them.

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How would you compare Razer switches vs SteelSeries ?

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Razer switche : tons more tactile, loud, and satisfying to press… The switches and keycaps by razer are super low-profile so if you have weird had positions (like me) it’s more comfortable and malleable.

Steelseries switches (OmniPoint) : are a lot quieter, and have a soft feel to them… but I like both, still preferring razer, but razer is super expensive due to the brand

razer keyboards : it’s like hypebeast gaming stuff, and its more for the brand than the quality (though razer has almost all aluminum keyboards and are really nice)


What Razer switches did you try? MX Blue equivalent?

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Razer Purple Switches… look through the it if you’re interested for something like “Razer Huntsman Switches Similar Switches” or something :slight_smile:

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I just checked it out the Razer switches

Seems like purple is a clicky tactile switch, much like MX Blue, so that makes sense :smiley:

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I guess so, yeah… I never really looked into switches, so I don’t know too much on them… so I have no feedback or replies to what i would recommend.

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I used to have MX Cherry and honestly i prefer the Razer opto mechanical switches

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