Best mouse for VALORANT?

Hey everyone

Which gaming mouse do you think is the best for VALORANT and what mouse are you using?

Currently, I am using the Glorious Model O myself. I like that it is super lightweight, but on the other hand I had to return it once after using it for a few months because it stopped working. Something that has never happened with my Steelseries and Logitech mice.

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Right now I’m using a Razer Deathadder Elite, but, I’m thinking about soon getting a G703, due to my cord being a huge issue with my aim.

And my desk is too small for a bungee

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Why not the G Pro ? :slight_smile:

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The G703 is larger, and I got big hands, and it has more-familiar side buttons as to what I’m used to.
It’s also light, but not too light for me – the deathadder elite weighs ~105 grams, and the 703 weighs 95, while the G pro weighs 80, and i feel like that would be too light for me.

Also the 703 is cheaper.

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Ok, makes sense. But, if you have never tried a lighter mouse, you definitely should try it!

After I went lightweight I simply cannot go back to my old “heavy” mice, even some that are considered moderately lightweight feels so heavy and clumsy now :smiley:

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I use the Logitech G503, it’s fairly popular but getting fairly old now :D, it has adjustable weights and I like quite a heavy mouse for some games like overwatch, but I’d switch to a light set of weights for CS or Valorant


I bought the G503, but only used it for a couple of days, it’s soo heavy :smiley:

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Yeh I guess without weights it’s still heavy but it’s grown on me :slight_smile:

I could try it, and I may, but idk, we’ll see what mouse I buy

G503 is a classic, but I never used it due to that thumb rest on the outside… but is it as good as reviewers say? --It just seems too big and mechanical to be smooth almost.

I don’t think its good, but some people might like it - personal preference :slight_smile:

Yeh so basically, it’s heavy and got a tad annoying thumb rest, I’ve gotten used to it but maybe a change is needed, but the switch to a lighter mouse may mess with my gameplay significantly. But the sooner I change the easier I guess :smiley: