Best VALORANT Crosshair - Post your crosshair

On the hunt for the best crosshair settings for VALORANT - So use this thread to post a screenshot of your crosshair along with the settings you used.


I should probably start myself. I am testing a very simple dot crosshair with 0.5 opacity outline.



I used a similar crosshair on CS and it never failed me :smiley:


EDIT: adding settings
no outline or dot
Inner Length - 5
Inner Thickness - 2
Inner Offset - 3


I used something similar before trying out the dot, also really nice crosshair :smiley:

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Thanks man!
I never played CS really, (like 50 mins on surf) but I felt like these crosshair settings made it easier to understand sprays, and get used to the whole mechanic.

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Yes, it static small crosshairs also make your muscle memory remember the spray and when you are accurate. If you get used to having to wait for your crosshair to stabilize before you shoot, I think you will get a disadvantage

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yeah, i also think that they should make something like this, of course not exact, but similiar, as the basic/default crosshair – the default crosshair, i’ve sen, mess people up right off the bat and gives them a bad swinging start.

(by what mine is, i mean just the most basic, and default crosshair, that is a bit larger with an outline)

After playing with the dot for some time, I felt like it just wasn’t good enough.

So I went back to a simple cross:


My aiming feels better again :smiley:

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sick dude!

also, do you have a reason for cyan? or is it just easier to see?

I switch all the time between colours and it changes my aim, but cyan I was never really adjusted too.

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Hmm idk, I played with green for a long time and tested different, I like cyan though, don’t know why. On most maps it is easy to see I guess

huh, I may give it another shot sooner than later.

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