Corvus Academy is looking for Valorant players for two teams!

Hello everyone! It’s great to see the new forum!

About us: Corvus Academy is a North American community focused on the philosophy of wanting to give players a place to call home. Our drive is to give players a place where they can play on a team in a structured environment and interact with an ever growing community. A place where they can compete, grow, and improve as players and individuals. Our server and our community is open to any and everyone!

The following post contains info about our higher tier team, but any are welcome to apply for the lower tier team as well.

Recruiting Players for VALORANT

-Sage players
- Platinum or higher
- Previous CSGO/FPS Experience

-Brimstone players
-Platinum or higher
- Previous CSGO/FPS Experience

Player requirements:

  • NA Region
  • Flexible schedule
  • PMA/Non Toxic
  • Coachable

If interested please contact Dqred#6969 on Discord

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Good luck with your team, wish you guys the best of luck in the future :slight_smile:



We are also looking for Diamond or higher flex players; come join a highly motivated talented team to climb in Valorant!

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If you are still looking for players, I’m available. I have 4 years of CS experience and was immortal ranked in Valorant beta. I can play Breach, Phoenix, and Raze, but am willing to flex to any role. My in game name is vintAgeCS. So let me know if you’re still looking. Thanks!