EU - LF tryhards

LF some tryhards to play with regularly.

Must have a mic and be able to communicate.

Rank around gold 3/plat.

I peaked at plat 3 but i feel like if i wasnt solo qing most of the time id have hit diamond pretty easily, I’d love to play when the game launches my discord is: Vauxhall corsa driver#5533 just ignore the name honestly

I was also solo q’ing most of the time. Super random with teammates

damn… I was stupid and during this I was only playing like 2 games a day on average…
I hope to make all that time up by solo q on launch, but never had the nerve to do it…
Do you just click “play” and go? Or is there like any prep, cause i just can’t but need to do more

i need solo lessons ;~;

I mean honestly your team is so hit or miss you question how you get like diamond 3 teammates that you have to try carry and usually the other team has golds and unrankeds shitting all over ur team so weird honestly, i usually just do 30 mins of aim drills before queuing and you better be able to play every operator in solo q

My solution: install the game on SSD, load every map before queueing, set all graphics quality to low. This results in super fast load times. Then instapick my char. I played about 100 hours since Beta and not a single time someone picked my char faster than me.

Well, that said, I don’t play some bullshit char, I play one of the main ones: Breach. Breach means flashes which are pretty much needed in every team, together with Brimstone and Sage.