I cant log in to my account

I was just playing some valorant and all of a sudden my riot act logged out and I logged back in and it stayed I didn’t have perm to play valorant

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Servers went down for a little while, if they’re not back up already it shouldn’t be long till it’s fixed :smiley:

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its still not fixed :no_mouth:

Riot announced that a few accounts were wrongfully ban for cheating, Maybe contact the support team for help?

If it is the Error 43, attempt running the game as administrator.


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ok thanks ill come back if my account is back

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No problem, Good luck :smiley:

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i mean, did you buy the account?

cause if so, that’s why

Or you were cheating .-.


i didnt buy the account (i have proof)
and i didnt cheat i was a iron 1 noob

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