Important - Rules

Discuss anything related to VALORANT in general.

These rules apply to the forum in general.

The following is not allowed:

  • Promoting and self-promoting.
  • Selling, this includes accounts and services.
  • Nudity, porn, gore, and NSFW content in general.
  • Racist slurs, bullying, harassment, profane language, etc.
  • Discussion of illegal activities.
  • Posting personal details.
  • Impersonating other people.
  • Anything that is against the VALORANT Terms of Service (ToS)

Promoting Guidelines
We do not want the forum to get spammed and drown in people promoting and self-promoting.
Therefore, please follow the guidelines.

Do not:

  • Link or post something you are affiliated with (websites, apps, social media pages, etc.).
  • Post videos without a summary or description.
  • Bump posts that contain things you promoted.

Also, make sure to use the right categories.

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