Looking for Valorant players!

Im currently recruiting for my sponsored gaming team. We are looking for players that want a chill environment to play in a competitive roster and work with fellow teammates to improve and grow as a team. We are also looking for roster managers too!

We are a large sponsored group (~2500 members currently) and we were established in 2012. We strive to be unique and keep our team super active and fun. We host events every day for multiple games. We host tournaments with large prize pools and even offer FREE coaching.

Joining is as simple as signing up on our website and making a short application with some yes/no questions and a little bit of info about yourself.

The requirements we would like you to meet before you apply are:

-Active player -Mature

-Speaks English



DM me on discord (Casual_Kori#9693) if you are interested or would like more info!