Man... it's been ages. How's your day been?

Doesn’t matter when you say it or anything, just lmk…
any of you guys quit val? whats your ranks nowadays?
have a good one :slight_smile:

Had a long break from Valorant, but I am playing it again. Still a great game and I think it will continue to grow if they keep updating it

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understandable, I myself took off all of act 1, and then december and january… but I still love this game…
And I still take a sly chuckle from the agent prediction thing… who knew Jett would be S tier :wink:

anyways, have a great day man, i wish this forum would live again, but forums die nonetheless…

have a great day man. if you want to talk or queue sometime,

discord: s!n#5374
twitter: sinnrFPS