Reyna's Abilities

From what I’ve seen, Reyna is easily the best character in the game currently. Especially now that Sage got nerfed to the ground, however I’m struggling to understand why every single one of her abilities is top tier. She has the best blind in the game, the best heal, the best “combat stem”, and invisibility? And while she’s invisible she’s immune to any stuns and possibly flashes. I just can’t comprehend how they’re going to balance Reyna, hopefully they do something along the lines of removing her ability to overheal and cutting her flashes down to one, but idk.

Anyways, let me know what ya’ll think of her. And don’t say “she’s only good if the person using her is good because her utility relies on kills”, because lets be real here, no character is good unless the person using them is good.

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Healing yourself to 100 HP after the kill is already OP on all levels of play. But then they add flashes to that and it’s even more OP. And not just flashes, but the best flashes in the game. And then invisibility and her ult turns you into the super soldier. Completely overpowered and shoult be nerfed.

Well, Sage isn’t nerfed to the ground. Sage just got grounded to a more realistic level where she doesn’t control the match completely. That 40 seconds wall + 2 slow orbs which last 9 seconds each was just insane. It just gave you 25 seconds(at the very least) of stunning the opposite team for free: 0 execution, you just throw that shit there and the opposite team can’t do anything but wait: destroy the wall, then wait 20 seconds for slow orbs to decay(you don’t throw orbs right on top of another, you put second orb on top of the first one after one second to catch people who start running when first orb is decayed).

Still pretty overpowered: Sage can still hold opposite team for ~20 seconds: 14 seconds from slow orbs + 3-6 seconds to destroy the wall. And 20 seconds is enough for your team to rotate to that position from any position on the map.

Her flashes almost guarantee her kills, so you don’t even have to be good with her. People either destroy her flash and you get map control while blind people destroy that eye, or they fight and die. In both cases it’s insane advantage for Reyna’s team.

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