Riot-Sponsored Tournament/Best Players

Do you guys think there will be a Riot-Sponsored tournament after release? Or do you guys think it will be later on this year/next year? (obviously after this whole c-19 shit)

BONUS Q: Who do you guys think the best valorant players are? (you can say 3, and they dont have to be in order)

mine are (not in order)

  • Mendo
  • Hiko
  • Aceu/Shroud (they are in the same bracket in my opinion)

I would love you hear your opinions and opinions/arguments against my claims, etc. :smiley:


Most definitely, but I am pretty sure, and I think I’ve heard it from official sources, that they will follow the format of CS:GO, with a more community driven esports scene (and not like Overwatch). So there will probably be more tournaments from orgs like ESL and alike. ::slight_smile: