Shooting mechanic/Riots garbage support

Does anyone else feel that ever since Riot “fixed” the run and gun that their bullets have seemingly stopped registering properly? Might be just me but its giving me damage as if it was through a wall when the enemy is out in the open.

I had a gunfight with someone and i hit them 4 times in the chest with a vandal at approx 20m for 136 damage and they hit me with a vandal 3 times in the chest for 165 (might have been slightly less but it was enough for a kill at 150hp)? There was no effect on me such a vulnerable either.

I also get the sound on pistol rounds of multiple hits on an enemy only to find in the damage feed that I only hit them once. I quickly have gone from a 22-25% headshot ratio down to 12-15% and its been ever since the patch went through.

On a seperate note has anyone else tried to vent a bit or make suggestions to Riot support and just gotten the most useless, pre made responses? I’m sure volume is high on support tickets but I’d rather they didnt allow you to contact them only to receive an automated message 2 days later. Its kind of a smack in the face because they give a signature as if its a real person who generated the message.

I’ve played the game since the beta and the game has progressively gotten worse. It seems every new agent is a flash character and theres no need for that. IDK maybe im just garbage at the game but somehow the rank system doesnt work either. I am currently a Plat 1 constantly facing diamonds and even faced an immortal in unrated tonight but yet my teammates are never higher than gold 1 so we just get smoked. Is anyone genuinely having fun with this game anymore?

I feel like the mechanics have always been a little off - but after some time I got used to it and calibrate accordingly. Maybe you are just in a transition period?

In regards to feedback, the support staff doesn’t really have anything to say about the game. If you want Riot to see your feedback, you need to do a proper writeup and post it to a place where they will notice.