VALORANT patch notes for 0.50

Discussion thread of the latest patch notes for VALORANT 0.50

Patch notes can be found here:


A lot of updates in the weapons section, nerf to Sage (expected) and Cypher.

What do you think?


I don’t think they shouldn’t have buffed the spray of the vandal since it’s use was for lining up that headshot


The spray was just so bad before, but maybe you are right, time will tell :smiley:


It could be slightly to buffed, however at the same time for those members moving from any game accept CS, especially overwatch, They just arnt used to any types of spray patterns at all. Maybe its just right now though :smiley:


I read all of it, and there are a lot of points i LOVE

-They got rid of the people who would have shift on left click, so they would run and have pin-point accuracy
-As a Jett/Omen main, they made omen’s smokes as useful as brimstone I would say, and making him more of a pick THANK GOD
-The aim correction is huge, it happened to me last night, guy was peeking heaven on bind, and my phantom was inaccurate due to me one-tapping just a second before
-The ability credit changes were needed i would say

  • making jett cheaper makes players want to use her util even more
  • sage barrier orb price going up and duration of her slows being reduced was huge and needed.
  • Curveball being priced up makes them less used on eco rounds, which is nice
  • Molly being priced more, makes his area denial less, and makes opposing team have to worry
    ---- about it a TINY bit less on eco rounds (same as phoenix)
  • Raze blast pack increase, has the same effect as phoenix and brim
  • Cypher glitchcams are now supposed to be gone now, and his cage doesnt make you slow, which is sad, but i hope it still makes a sound
  • other agents : more area denial changes
  • I think sove got his drone either louder, or quieter…

-Deadzone accuracy and sprays being a tiny more malleable, will benefit those of us who have been practicing sprays and dodges
-Tapping being better, makes vandal long range just better.

-Machine gun changes, I don’t really like, because it makes them even more usable, so we may have another fortnite (machine gun meta)

-Credit cap being reduced to 9k : this is going to completely change economy, since you can’t save to 11.5k and then buy for everyone, or get ops’ all the time.

-They made split more T side friendly, and less difficult, as you are pushed into CT more

-And the rest is QoL and HUD/UI changes that are all mostly appealing to the eye and ears.

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