How is ranked / competitive matchmaking going for you guys?

What rank are you at right now, and what rank are you aiming to reach?


Currently I am gold 3, I have done tons of climbing but yeah, pretty proud of the rank lol.

I initially placed bronze 2 or 3 (after some tilted games). Since then I climbed to gold 3 as well. Would like to get immortal someday.

I placed bronze 2 then immediately climbed to gold 3. Afterwards I got tilted and started falling to silver 3. Finally, I started thinking smarter and brought myself up to gold 2. Hopefully I can hit platinum today!!

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Iā€™m excited to see how ranks will turn out after launch. I think a lot of the beta players are better than the average casual player in general. So once it launched, we might be placed higher due to more casuals starting to play the game.