Vandal or Phantom?

Vandal or Phantom - which of the two guns do your prefer and why?

Personally, I use the Phantom a lot more than the Vandal for the simple reason that the Vandal spray is so aggressive and difficult to control.


I use the vandal more, but like both equally, I’m not sure why I buy the vandal over phantom I guess I’ve just started to get used to it :laughing:

*The vandal also has similarities to the AK from CS
(maybe why I prefer it)

I use the phantom more, I feel like the vandal for me has been very RNG, I have very good aim, but when I use the phantom its even better. The flicks are nice, less recoil, spray n pray, its the perfect gun.

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It’s only similar that it has 1 shot kill, but the spread and fire rate is just soo bad :smiley:

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Aha, since this thread I’ve use phantom to see to difference, i can understand how longer fights it may help for spray control etc, but yeh I’m used to the 1 shot -> dead kinda rule haha

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Yea I think i just got used to Phantom and now it’s impossible to go back :smiley:


:laughing: I think i might give it a shot :smiley:

I just use both, and interchange, depends on what the day is almost, if you pull down too much, then vandal, but if you just cant control that day, then phantom whilst working on vandal sprays. :smiley:

Turns out Click Heads just made a video about the topic today :smiley:

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The Vandal seems a lot better after the latest patch. I started mainly using Vandal now, seems to be the best choice due to 1 shot headshot all the time and less recoil now

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Yeah, I forgot to post something about that…
But for people who are still getting used to crosshair placement, I still really think that the Phantom may be their gateway into this style of gameplay (coming from apex, or overwatch) Due to the high fire-rate and now super low recoil, and then once they start clicking heads, the vandal would be so much easier for them

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Personally I think both are lacking. Something was definitely changed regarding the recoil of both guns a couple weeks back because the spray pattern has felt so inconsistent, whereas before they were manageable. Although, between the two the Vandal is better if you have good aim and hit headshots, but the Phantom is a little better for spraying. The Vandal is just useless if you spray. I’ve been using the Ares a lot more due to the inconsistency with the Vandal/Phantom, and honestly since they buffed the Ares it’s probably the most accurate gun in the game at a range which is just mind blowing.

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Nope, that’s wrong. Both are insanely good. They’re better than any rifles in CS:GO: AK47, M4A4, M4A1-S, AUG, SG553.
How they’re better?
• Both have 2x+ times better first bullet accuracy than AK47, M4A4, M4A1-S, AUG, SG553 in CS:GO.
• Both have much better accuracy of 2-8th bullets than AK47, M4A4, M4A1-S, AUG, SG553 in CS:GO. 2-8th bullets have super predictable spray pattern, just as in CS:GO. They go up with a small spread, just as in CS:GO. After around 8th bullet it gets random, yes, but you shouldn’t spray for that long in the first place and hide by that point of time. If you didn’t make a kill with your 8th bullet, you’re ought to get punished, so devs punish you with random spray pattern. And still there are ways to control that if you’re good enough.
• Both have smaller recoil(aim shake after each bullet) than AK47, M4A4, M4A1-S, AUG, SG553 in CS:GO.
• Both have smaller recovery times. In CS:GO AK47 has 0.46s recoveryTimeStand, Vandal has 0.375s and Phantom has 0.35s

As a result they have better tapping, 2-bullet-burst, 3-bullet-burst and 4-8 bullet sprays potential than guns in CS:GO because they have better raw stats than rifles in CS:GO. And they also have better raw stats than other guns in Valorant: pistols, SMGs, other rifles.

I would post links to screenshots and videos with actual tests I performed which clearly show that everything above is the case but I can’t post links on this forum(admins set is that way).

They did change rifles a couple weeks back but they raw buffed them by a lot:

  • Recovery times on all Rifles have been updated, which should make tap and burst firing more efficient. Inaccuracy is accrued any time the weapon is re-fired prior to a complete duration of a weapon’s respective Gun Recovery Time.
  • Base walk accuracy: 0.6° >> 0.8°
    • We felt like walk-spraying with rifles was a little more effective than we’d like, particularly at longer ranges. We’re going to pull back on this accuracy slightly and continue to monitor
  • Vandal:
    • Horizontal (Yaw) Recoil reduced by 15% while crouched and stationary
      • This was intended to be the case and now properly matches the crouch benefits of other rifles
    • Gun Recovery Time: .4s >> .375s
    • Tap Efficiency: 4 >> 6
  • Phantom:
    • Fixed an issue where the Gun Recovery Time was higher than intended
    • Gun Recovery Time: .55s >> .35s
    • Tap Efficiency: 3 >> 4
  • Bulldog Automatic Fire:
    • Fixed an issue where the Gun Recovery Time was higher than intended
    • Gun Recovery Time: .55s >> .35s
  • Guardian
    • Fixed an issue where the Gun Recovery Time was higher than intended
    • Gun Recovery Time: .4s >> .35s

So if it’s worse for you now, it’s only because you didn’t get used to it. They’re just much better rifles now than they were before.

Vandal is definitely better to hit headshots because it one-headshot kills people on any distance. But Phantom better for spraying is super debatable.

This is wrong as well. Vandal is much more accurate(smaller spread) than AK47 in CS:GO and has smaller recoil than AK47 in CS:GO. So by itself, you can spray with Vandal just fine(if you don’t compare it to anything) because it has better stats than AK47 in CS:GO. I understand that in this case we compare Vandal to Phantom. So, let’s compare:
• 39 damage to the fully armored body up close.
• 9.25 bullets per second.
• 4 bullets total needed to kill(150 / 39 ~ 3.84 ~ 4).
• Time to kill: 4 * (1000 / 9.25) = 432ms.
• 35 damage to the fully armored body up close.
• 11 bullets per second.
• 5 bullets total needed to kill(150 / 35 ~ 4.28 ~ 5).
• Time to kill: 5 * (1000 / 11) = 454ms.

So when Vandal player meets Phantom player up close and they start spraying at the same time(same pings), Vandal player wins most of the time: Vandal’s TTK is smaller and Vandal player has to land one less bullet than the Phantom player.

So no, Vandal is not useless for spraying, it’s actually better for spraying up close. But further away Phantom is better for spraying because of smaller recoil and spread.

And both of them are much better than guns in CS:GO, and both of them are much better than other guns in Valorant. They don’t need anything else, they’re just fine as they are.


I prefer the Vandal simply due to the fact it is a 1 shot elimination at any range

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