What do you guys think the best ability in the game is

What is your opinion on the best ability and best ult in valorant

For ult I would sage Sage ultimate is one the best.

1 extra life is super op :smiley:

For abilities, I would consider these the best:
Owl Drone
Toxic Screen
Cyber Cage
Sky Smoke
All Sage abilities
Paint Shells


I agree with sage, sages revive can bring along any new character which could also bring along any other agents ult ( if its ready ).

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Ult wise, Sage, but phoenix comes close aswell…
His ult can make an opening for a brim ult, sova ult, and opening a site completely

Util wise, I really have to say each agent has a time and a place
Obviously, there are some abilities that are more useful than others, but everything can be ruled out by the fact if that ability can help you click heads, and win the match ultimately – so abilities like

  • cypher cam
  • omen/brim smokes
  • hardcore area denial // viper & sage
  • raze kit
  • sova kit

And this isnt saying everything else sucks --I said everything has a time and a place, and those could be more useful at other times than these, but these are the basic things that can rotate a match immediately if used well.


IS cyber cage good anymore it got nerfed last patch

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yeah its still good, it makes a sound when you enter it


what about omens tp ive been playing omen alot recently and ive gotten some really good plays with it

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Omens TP is useful, but there is so much to learn about it and with it. It’s probably the lowest skill cap movement ability, that requires as much map knowledge as Jett (to a degree atleast). I played omen last night in ranked, we were against 3 plats and 2 golds, and TPs are useful over area denial, and escaping ults like sova, and sometimes brim… but even with the knowledge I have, his TP rarely made a play fragging wise… but obviously, I don’t know much, and I can always improve, and I bet if you learn the maps in customs and other things, you for real can get really good, but since his tp has a limited distance/travel and has 2 uses, it can be wasted, or get you killed…

So basically its any other movement util that’s good, but it’s only for solo plays most of the time.


Omens TP is honestly one of the worst abilities in my opinion because it makes a sound when you use it. And experienced players can easily predict where you teleported, so it’s just a free kill.

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It’s a free kill for atleast most bad players, but oem’s kit is completely made for anticipation, nerve, and paranoia

His tp can be used as a fake/bait, his smokes can be used as a fake/bait, and with the new change to him in the upcoming patch, this ult can be used as a fake/bait…

But, yes, im most circumstances, his tp can result in your death if you aren’t smart about it, and/or in higher ranks. (:

Well, if I had to pick one ability above other, it would be Brimstone’s smokes:
• last 15 seconds.
• 3 in total.
• You want them for map control at the start of the round on attackers’ side: you smoke opponent’s entrance to that part of the map off and you take that part of the map yourself.
• You want them on defenders’ side: you smoke choke points and you stall the round.
• You need them to take bomb sites.
• You need them on site retakes.

You can sacrifice any other ability in the game, but there is no competitive team without Brimstone’s smokes. That’s just a counter-strike basics theory, which was proven in thousands of tournaments.

You can sacrifice Sage’s heals, revives, molotovs, flashes and other abilities, but you can’t sacrifice smokes. And when you have a team without Brimstone, your team is crippled because of it. The most important ability is the one that lets you cut opposite team off of very big chunks of maps and take these chunks(such as bomb sites) youself.

Second most useful ability is Breaches’ flashes and Reyna’s flashes. It complements Brimstone’s smokes very nicely. You put smokes down, then you flash things you have to take in case there’s an enemy and you kill them while they’re blind.

Third one is Sage’s heals. Heal yourself and your teammates after they made a kill. If you don’t have that, your teammates are left with small amount of HP and will most probably lose their second duel with other players because of lack of HP.

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